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    If you or your organization are planning a protest/rally/demo/action/vigil etc. in the Richmond area, consider contacting for legal support BEFORE you run into trouble. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure! Contact Richmond Copwatch to get trainings on Know Your Rights, and to get trained Copwatchers with video cameras to your event. sbhcopwatch@gmail.com or 804 303 5449 Contact Richmond Legal Observers to get a trained observer in a neon hat to come out to your event. Email - bakhtiarijj {at} vcu.edu We are working on getting a group of lawyers together who will be able to offer help/ advice/ contact/ and hopefully even representation to activists in Richmond. If you are a lawyer who would like to support social justice movements in the way please get in touch with the organizers of this website at rvaabc@gmail.com
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Result of Hunter’s Court Today, Donations Towards Court Fees Requested

Today in court, Hunter Singleton accepted a plea deal offered by the prosecutor. The spurious charges of possession of a controlled substance had been previously dropped. Today, the prosecutor also dropped the Felony charge of wearing a mask. In exchange, Hunter took an Alford Plea (basically not saying you are guilty but recognizing that there is evidence against you) to a misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct charge. He was given 90 days, with 87 suspended. He had already served 2 days after his arrest, and will serve 1 more day on Friday.

Hunter has over 200 dollars in court fees, and needs help to pay these. Hopefully there will be an upcoming fundraiser, but in the mean time, if you just want to donate a few dollars towards his costs it would be greatly appreciated. Please get in touch if you want to donate money, or if you have an idea or venue or band for a fundraising event! rvaabc@gmail.com or 2005 Barton Avenue

It is excellent news and a great relief to many of Richmond’s activists, anarchists, and Occupiers that Eric Scott and Hunter Singleton have faired relatively well regarding their charges with resulted from a November 9th Occupy Richmond March. The use of felony charges seems to be a scare tactic by the Richmond Police Department. Participants in the march were using bandannas soaked in vinegar to protect from potential tear gas being used by the RPD (they have a tendency to use tear gas in crowd situations on a fairly regular basis). The felony charge of wearing a mask is a terrible law, and certainly one for anyone participating in political actions to keep in mind. Hopefully one day Virginia will be free of this repressive statute.

Do Not Cover Your Face- zine by Gary Llama

Gary Llama drew a zine in response to the arrests of Eric and Hunter-

Do Not Cover Your Face

Here is a link to the zine!


And to Gary’s site:



2 of our Friends Arrested in Monroe Park

From Wednesday/Thursday November 9th/10th 2011

Tonight the Occupy Richmond movement held an event at Gallery 5; screening movies about the Monroe Park Occupation back in March, the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the Occupy Richmond Movement. Afterwards, the folks who were at the event decided to divide into  3 groups and headed out on marches around the city.

One of the 3 groups of Occupy protesters headed towards Monroe Park, where there was a considerable police force waiting. While the protesters stayed on the sidewalk, having already changed their plans regarding which space to occupy, the Richmond Police Department decided to attack anyways.

People who were at Monroe Park are saying that Eric Scott was singled out from the crowd, and dragged off of  the sidewalk by police. Then, Hunter Singleton was also dragged off. They were both handcuffed and put into a wagon. We have heard that they were allegedly charged with something regarding Virginia’s mask laws. Keep in mind that the police can and will change one’s charges at any time, that they can detain you for up to 72 hours with no charges, etc.

Many people involved with the Occupy Richmond movement had prepared for tonight’s marches by putting apple cider vinegar on bandannas in case of the police using tear gas on protesters.Participants received word of school buses waiting by the park, and an aggressive police presence. They had reasons to be concerned for their health and a bandanna soaked in vinegar can help to prevent bodily harm caused by tear gas.

Folks at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective will be waiting by the phone in case either Eric or Hunter call from jail, and we will do what we can to bail or bond them out as quickly as possible, and provide whatever other solidarity might be needed. If you need to get in touch with someone at the Wingnut for the next 24 hours or so, please call 804 300 0023 INSTEAD of the landline, just so we don’t risk keeping that line busy when someone might be calling from jail. Stay tuned for more updates about how you can help.

When we last heard the Occupy Richmond group had settled on Festival Park, next to the Richmond Coliseum on 6th street as the new Occupation location. We would encourage folks interested to head down that way and support the occupation.